Celebrating the Many Festivals of Kotor

To make your visit to Kotor a culturally enriching experience, all you need to do is, be a part of some of the colorful festivals that get organized and celebrated in Kotor. Let us look at some such vibrant festivals of Kotor.

Montenegro Dance Festival

The Montenegro Dance Festival will be held in Kotor and Tivat and will showcase the dancing talents of artists from all corners of the world. Be it ballet, hip-hop, tap dance, Latino or ballroom dancing, all kinds of dance forms will be welcomed with enthusiasm and warmth. This festival has the perfect backdrop in the breathtaking beauty of the charming walled town of Kotor. Not only will the participants, guests and tourists get to be a part of this wonderful cultural extravaganza but also, they can take in the natural beauty that abounds in Kotor. They can also gather every night at the main city square for partying and having fun.

Kotor Carnival

The Kotor Carnival has several locals participating with gusto, apart from troupes from other towns of Montenegro. It even has participants from around Europe. These grand annual carnivals have several fun aspects to look forward to including masked balls, children’s carnivals, a chance to savor the local cuisine, concerts and so on. The carnival fiestas are something to look forward to and this is surely an excellent opportunity to delight in authentic carnival traditions.

Dani Kamelije or Days of Camellia

A popular legend has it that a Stoliv captain went to the Far East to bring back this lovely flower for his beloved wife in Boka Kotorska. Usually celebrated in the month of March, Days of Camellia is marked by several interesting events such as the Ball of Camellia, exhibitions to showcase various arrangements, concerts and so on.

Kotor Festival of Children’s Theater

A festival for the young and vibrant residents of this town, this festival lasts for several days and it is aptly set in the ambience of the ancient town of beautiful Kotor.

International Fashion Festivals of Kotor

This is a festival that sees the gathering of several talented individuals from the world of fashion. Fashion designers from abroad, and from in and around Montenegro, participate in this festival with passion and enthusiasm. Kotor becomes a meeting point for dynamic businessmen, owners of fashion studios, actors and many others from the world of glitz and glamour, during the time of this festival.

Boka Night

Boka Night is one such festival that is really looked forward to by the tourists who head to this town. It is a colorful festival, full of life and energy. The boats are dressed up to suit the occasion and they cruise along proudly, across the Kotor harbor. They look extremely pretty and charming with the many colorful lights, glittering in the night. To set the mood for this festival, you will also witness a great deal of singing, dancing and merriment. The grand conclusion to this memorable night would be the choosing of the best decorated barge and a fascinating display of fireworks.

The above mentioned are only a few of the year long festivals that are celebrated with gusto in Kotor. Should you decide to visit this enchanting location, you can get a taste of all this and more, apart from reveling in the sheer beauty of nature.

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