Interesting Trivia on Kotor

Here is some interesting trivia on Kotor.

Legend has it that a fairy named Alkima advised the Serbian King Stefan Dusan, not to build his town in the hills where boats cannot reach or horses, run about freely. He was told to build the town near the sea. Phoenician myth has it that the town of Kotor was founded after Argonaut’s conquest of the Golden Fleece. It is also believed that Kotor existed in the times of the legendary Homer in 10-12 BCE.  In other words, Kotor has a rich and ancient history and it has probably existed from the times, sea trade evolved in the Adriatic Sea.

It is also very interesting to note that Kotor has been home to several supremely talented and respected individuals such as Fra Vito, the architect of the Monastery of Dečani, the icon painter, Lovro Marinov Dobričević and many more sea captains, poets, writers and diplomats. The Bokeljska mornarica (Navy of Boka Kotorska Bay) has been active for more than twelve centuries and it has still retained its original essence by using the same traditional clothing, ceremonies and dance.

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