Notable Tourist Attractions of Kotor

There are several places to look out for in Kotor.

Kotor has majestic mountains embracing it all around, along with the Bay of Kotorska which has borne witness to a tumultuous history and a fascinating and complex weave of many cultures and traditions. You can look at the many priceless monuments and marvel at their unique architectural styles in Kotor. Needless to point out, the fortification of the town is a very interesting structure that is quite impressive. The wall is 4.5 m long.

St. Ivan’s Fortress

The impressive city walls extend all the way up to the St. Ivans Fortress which is about 260 m above sea level. This is an architectural masterpiece of the medieval ages which should definitely feature on your list of places to visit in Kotor. It is a popular tourist destination that draws a sizeable numbers of visitors every year. This magnificent structure, stands erect with dignity and seems like a protective sentry, guarding the town. The serpentine route to the top will give you a fantastic aerial view of the Bay of Kotorska and the town.  You will have to climb 1350 steps in order to get to the top of the cliffs. You could also climb the St. John’s Fortress and enjoy the unbelievably beautiful view from the top.  This is located in the northwestern corner of the town.

Palaces of Kotor

You could visit the several majestic palaces that were built here in different periods of time. Grubonja Palace from the 14th century is one such palace. The Drago Palace has windows built in the gothic style of the 15th century. The Pima Palace reflects the influence of Renaissance and Baroque styles of the 16th century. Bizanti Palace dates back to the 17th century and Grgur Palace is from the 18th century. This, in today’s Kotor, is the Maritime Museum.

Maritime Museum of Kotor

The maritime museums of Kotor are a treasure house of information for visitors who have a curiosity and passion to explore the ancient history of the Boka Navy and the town of Kotor. There are several photographs of sailors who braved the tempestuous waters to pave their way in the world. You can also take a close look at the scale models of the ships and boats that were used by these brave explorers. There is also a unique collection of the parts and instruments of the old ships that were instrumental in shaping the nature of maritime navigation of Kotor.

The highest peak of the Bay of Kotor is Mt Lovcen which is 1754m. One can reach the Lovcen National Park via a winding road that is 18km long.

Kotor Riviera

The deepest part of the Boka Kotorska consists of several small towns, fishermen settlements and many coastal villages that alternate along the coastline. This paints a charming picture and this is our Kotor Riviera. You could book a room in one of the splendid palaces of the coast and enjoy your very own landing stage in the day and revel in the beauty of Boka Kotorska at night.  There are several beaches to choose from, when it comes to Kotor Riviera. You could visit Bajova Kula beach, Bigovo beach, Marco’s Cape beach, Morinj beach, just to name a few.

Some More Interesting Places to Explore in Kotor

Other places you could visit include, the Beskuce Palace, the Karampana fountain, the Prince’s Palace, the Bishopic, The Arsenal and Napolean’s Theatre. You could also go for romantic boat trips in Kotor. You could go to the islands, Sveti Djordje and Gospa od Skrpijela, which are located inside the bay and have fun exploring these scenic locations.

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